I just caught wind of this new model from Prometheus, and I have to say, I”m rather intrigued.  Can you guess what caught my eye the most about this model?

If you guessed that it was the domed bezel, you”d be correct.  Wherever those show up (especially if they”re lumed, which it looks to be here), I”m immediately drawn to the watch.  Just gives things a nice extra bit of dimension that you don”t always get in a timing bezel.  Of course, the rest of the watch isn”t too shabby-looking, just look to what they admit to drawing inspiration from:

The design of the Prometheus Sailfish is inspired in designs that have now more than 70 years old as the Longines HS watch worn by British forces during Second World War and the iconic Blancpain 50 Fathoms launched in the 1950s for frogmen of the French army.


Ticking away underneath the stylish exterior (four different color schemes are available; pictured in this post) you have a Seiko NH36/4R36 movement, which is an automatic that can be hand-wound and hacks.  And, from what I can tell, this is the same movement found in several of Seiko”s popular divers – so a solid choice.


Capping the 42mm stainless steel case off, you have a sapphire crystal (note, the bezel is also saphhire), and a screw-down caseback that is engraved with the Sailfish logo / image; holding it on your wrist you have a 22mm bracelet with ratcheting extension also made of 316L stainless.  All told, a sturdy watch to hold up to the 300m water resistance rating.


Pricing inside the EU is 410 EUR (which includes VAT); for those of us outside the EU it”s a more reasonable 339 EUR ($451).  Regardless of where you”re located, you”ll have to put 100 EUR ($133) down to reserve your spot on the list.


To do that, first you”ll want to check out what serial numbers are available here, and then shoot an email over to  , letting them know what number you want to reserve, as well as what country you”re located in.  Provided all goes to plan, your new watch should be on the way to you in August of 2013.

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