Orsa watch forum douchery

June 27, 2008 . by John Biggs

What the heck? Man! I joined the Orsa forum on 3’Ts back in Feb 07 but never posted (didn’t bookmark the site, my bad) and recently found it again…started posting…and got locked out! To make a long story short the stupid IP address that comes out of the company I work for all comes out…

Lasik or a Panny

October 31, 2007 . by John Biggs

If I didn’t want a Panny so bad I’d probably puke. I’m probably asking the wrong crowd,but. I can either get lasik surgery to correct my eye and do away with dreaded glasses or buy another PAM. Below is my sole PAM. I do have a few other quality watches, but since I have been…

Now THIS is a Lume Test

August 31, 2007 . by John Biggs

Here’s a great lume test of a Seiko, Ball diver, and Luminox Traser. Excellent work. Lume Test: Ball EMII Diver, Seiko Monster, Luminox. (MANY pics) [Watchuseek Watch Forums]

Are Watchmakers Doomed?

March 19, 2007 . by John Biggs

A nice thread about the creation of movements and the death of watchmaking. Among many other speculative reasons, my friend and recognized world wide authority in the world of fine timepieces, proposed an idea I had heard before, whispered between old timers for years, in this niche, curtained world of magic and mythology that is…

The Watch Zen Koan

March 19, 2007 . by John Biggs

Some prose poetry about watches… read it if you dare. Sure, if you want a traditional basic watch, you can easily find many, at any price range you want. So my point isn’t that these are going away—of course they aren’t. But the stuff that makes the news, the stuff that gets the attention and…

Watch Joke… Ahem…

February 23, 2007 . by John Biggs

An Italian parks his brand new BMW in front of the office, just down the street from Casa Napoli, to show it off to his bros. As he’s getting out of the car, a truck comes speeding along close to the curb and takes off the door before speeding away. More than a little distraught,…

What’s the Deal With Blued Screws

February 21, 2007 . by John Biggs

Great thread on PMWF about blued screws. Some screws have the slot “silver” and the rest of the screw. Visit for the answer to the riddle. What I expect is >>