411b9f4_3.jpgrtl.bmpRiedenschild is a small German watch company just starting out here in the U.S. Most famous for their Darksea Diver, the company is now increasing its presence and is offering quartz and automatics with Swiss and Japanese movements. We talked to U.S. rep James Newell about the company.

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WWR: Tell me about the company? Who runs it? Where is it based?

Newell: The company is german based company from Munich. We design and produce the watches there. The company in Germany in Owned by Oliver Wolf. I am the Owner of the US based operations. My full name is Dr. James Newell.

WWR: How long has the company been making watches? Are they put together in Munich? Were are the parts sourced?

Newell: Our movement are either Swiss or Japanese we import the movements and the cases and assemble them in Fuchsstadt or Munich. The bands are handmade from Germany. We have been in the business for over 50 years. Eichmuller is the mother company

So tell me about your year? What were some highlights? And what are you looking forward to in 2007?

Newell: 2007 is a year of expansion. We have NY and working on Dubai. Moskua will be up and running in May. We are bringing out new models that will be first presented at the Inhorgenta. Along with a higher priced model. Our Thunderbird line up will be mainly for the Internet business and has a high note that a couple of the models have a Patent. Along with a selective dealer structure we are expanding into the US market and establishing Storefront and respectable online dealers. We will be issueing our AUTHORIZED DEALERS a exclusive logo that will assist the buyers that they are buying from a dealer who meets our standards.

WWR: What’s your background? How did you get involved?

Newell: I am actually a Criminilogy major and was a soldier for many years. I got stuck in Germany in the late 90’s and stayed here ever since. Married, 3 kids and learned the Language. I have been into business building for many years as a Sales and Marketing consultant to many German companies. This lead me to the owner who is also a family friend. He asked me to translate his sites to english. Then i saw alot of potential and decided to jump on board and launch the International Business.

WWR: Which is your favorite piece? Which is your favorite non-Reidenschild watch?

Newell: Must say the Darksea diver is my favorite and then it would be my good old Special Agent model from Swatch

WWR: Who is the ultimate Reidenschild customer? What are they looking for?

Newell: Middle class, mid management. They are the target group as they are also the group that have three topics by business meetings Cars, Women and the watch that they wear. Our designs are not the everyday normal design. Every model tells a story and that is what our target group loves to do.

WWR: Which model would you suggest to someone starting out with the brand?

Newell: Darksea Diver. Great price for the workmanship. Real show stopper and anyone who holds this in there hands will appreicate the feel and the balance.

WWR: Where can people see them in the US?

Newell: Currently on our website or shortly by Amazon. Along with a few online dealers that will be up and running soon. We will also be planning a visit to NY show and Las Vegas.

WWR: Describe Reidenschild to someone who has never heard from the brand? What should our readers take away from this?

Newell: Riedenschild is a unique brand that any watch enthuziast will enjoy. Once in the hand the appreciation starts with the design and the workmanship in the attention to detail. Then delivered with top packaging. Its Class with an affordable price. We take great pride in the fact that all of our models are hand assembled and our doors are always open for review. We invite every customer who is interested to visit and attend the building of thier watch. We share are passion in the creation of Time.

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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  1. I just received my thunderbird watch from the home shopping network. It is quite attractive and well constructed. I purchased the quartz black/white chronograph with black strap. I found it necessary to put another hole in the strap…my wrist is about 6.5 inches. I think this being done by the factory might be an added plus since I consider my wrist size as being just about the norm.

  2. Paid for replacement .Received replacement watch;rotor off in case gears falling around inside of watch.Watch Repaired Received watch back.Ran for 3 days would stop at midnight all 3 days when rolling day&date.Send watch back for repair.Three months Later still no Watch or any Idea when would be repaired.Watch send to Rienschild service Dept 76 littleton Rd’Chelmsford Ma 01824.
    Doug | 11.25.09 – 11:28 pm | #


  3. They stood behind there watch;Send me brand new dark sea watch.Limited edition with extra stainless & rubber bands.Hard to find customer sevice like this now a days.Doug

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