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Heading downtown with the S&B Watches Skyline

As I mentioned in our article on the Zew Box Luxury Watch Kickstarter, S&B Watches (also known as Smith & Bradley) was the main brand behind the club starting up.  While the campaign has closed (and was fully funded), we got to spend a little bit of time with a S&B Watches Skyline, the Swiss automatic offered at one of the tiers in the club.  So, you backers at the Executive Club level, consider this a preview of the watch you’ll be receiving.

The Lorier Neptune is about to land

As you might imagine, we get all sorts of unsolicited email coming in.  Some of it isn’t related to what we cover here, and some of what would be related is, well, just stuff we opt not to cover, for any of a number of reasons.  However, there are gems that pop through now and again, and the arrival of watches like the Lorier Neptune is what keeps me reading those emails.

Introducing the Ball Watch Roadmaster Marine GMT

In many ways, it can be quite easy to predict what I may like. Does it have Batman or Bob Ross in it? Insert “Shut up and take my money” meme right here. More precisely, when it comes to watches, a GMT movement will immediately grab my eyes. Throw in some tritium tubes, and well, that’s buttercream icing on the cake. Which is why Victor knew he needed to send the info on the Ball Watch Roadmaster Marine GMT my way once he ran across it.

Take a spin with the Uriel Geneqt Mechanics Cufflinks

Do you remember back to when I first told you about the Uriel Geneqt cufflinks in 2017, and then earlier this year brought you a hands-on review of those same links?  Those are a fun way to get your watches integrated into your suit (aside from, well, wearing a watch). Not everyone wants to track the time on their cuffs, though, so perhaps you would find the Uriel Geneqt Mechanics Cufflinks more to your liking.

To the fields! It’s the Minuteman A11

You know me – I like to support the small guys. They tend to provide us with some unique designs and some really great value. Minuteman is one of those brands, and we’ve written about them before, quite a few times. Well, their latest – the Minuteman A11 – brings a splash of color to a tried-and-true design. It also brings along a movement that is poised to make a big splash as well.

Christopher Ward C8 Flyer Collection, a non-Flieger Flyer

Christoper Ward C8 01 Christopher Ward is one of our favorite brands here at WWR.  They produce high quality watches, sell direct, and are generally priced fairly.  They are also vary their designs, so there is something to fit most everyone’s taste, and they cover different sizes.  Of late, we have featured their diving watches, a number of auto-inspired watches, and dress watches, but we haven’t done an aviation inspired watch in a while.  I love my C11 (I own one of these), but the new Christopher Ward C8 Flyer Collection goes away from the instrument style case and back to the more traditional round case.

Buildings, watches, and the new moVas Empire 1

I have been interested in what moVas have been creating since I first came across them a few years back.  They’ve had a variety of interesting designs, though most have been along the same sort of military / dive-inspired sorts of watches (with a few wilder forays in their Exotica lineup).  Their latest watch, the moVas Empire 1, takes things in a distinctly more architectural direction.

The Oak & Oscar Humboldt is how it’s done

Over the years, I’ve gotten to see a lot of great watches, and have been introduced to so many new brands that I’ve lost count.  There are a few of them that I’ve come across that call my hometown their hometown, and those have been great ones to find.  You can meet up with the maker in their space, see what they’re designing, and play around with some of the fun things they have in the works.  It’s been some time since I’ve sat down with Chase Fancher, the guy behind Oak & Oscar, but that’s understandable – this is a busy guy.  His latest watch, part of the permanent collection, was just introduced – the Oak & Oscar Humboldt.

Time traveling with the Mido Multifort GMT

If you read my prior review on the Mido Multifort (here), you’re aware that I was, shall we say, smitten with the Geneva stripe treatment given to the dial.  It’s equal parts subtle and dramatic, and I dig the uniqueness of that movement finishing showing up front.  So, when a new GMT version was announced, it should surprise no one that I was all ears.  So, what does the Mido Multifort GMT have in store for you when it’s released later this year?

You have just 7 days to back the Hamtun H2 Kraken

Oh, sure. I could have led with some awful “release the Kraken” comment. I could have resorted to that sophomoric sort of humor, or I could have referenced the epic film of my youth, Clash of the Titans. “The Kraken is the end of us. A colossal, elemental beast. Even the gods fear it.”

And it’s true. The Kraken’s gaping maw of teeth, and the ability to destroy whole cities, lives on in that madman’s mind, Hamtun’s creator Ross Davis, and the H2 dive watch named humbly, The Kraken.