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The Traska Freediver, rising soon from the deeps

Alright, watch friends and family – pull up your chairs.  I’m going to tell you a story.  This is one about a new watch brand starting up (heard it), they’re going through Kickstarter (heard it), and they are offering some tremendous value (heard it).  So, yeah, this is a story we’ve heard before, right?  Well, after spending some time with a prototype Traska Freediver, I think you’ll find that this story does not end like all of the other ones you’ve heard.

Field testing the Aevig Corvid

Whenever a brand reaches out to see if we want to take a look at a new watch, I generally start from a position of “yeah, why not?” In other words, the watch is innocent until proven guilty. Sure, there have been some, shall we say, less-than-preferable pieces crossing the review desk with that policy. By and large, however, the time spent under that policy has been favorable, and resulted in the time that I got to spend with the Aevig Corvid.

Introducing the Nite Icon Automatic


If you are a fan of watches that light up the night, you have plenty of options.  There are the heavily-lumed watches to go for (such as the Seiko Monster), or you can go in a different direction, with watches that rely on tritium tubes for their illumination.  One of the brands we have featured in the past with these tubes is British company Nite Watches.  Until now, all of their watches have featured quartz movements.  That changes with the launch of the Nite Icon Automatic.

Diving in with the Manchester Watch Works Tatoskok


I have said it many times before, and I will likely say it many times more – dive watches are simply one of, if not the, most popular styles of watches today. Most of them show on the wrists of those who don’t dive (such as this writer), so it really becomes more of a style choice. Sure, there is some appeal to the capability that a dive watch represents, but for most desk divers, it is the look of the watch that draws them in. So, then, if a new brand is bringing a diver to the market, it should offer something unique – and that is what we have with the Manchester Watch Works Tatoskok.

Introducing the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Titanium Editions

Whenever a new iteration of the Christopher Ward C60 is introduced, I pay rather close attention. This is because the Trident was one of the first watches from the brand that really caught my eye, and when I went hands on with it the impressions were only reinforced. The recently announced chronograph, while interesting, is not quite my cup of tea. The newly-announced Christopher Ward C60 Trident Titanium editions, however?  That is an entirely different story.

Dive into multiple time zones with Zahnd & Kormann ZK No. 2

All the way back in 2017, we brought you word of Zahnd & Korman’s first foray into the watch world.  While chronographs don’t really do it for me, it must’ve worked for a good number of people, as the brand has come around with their next version, one that has me rather intrigued.  This new watch is simply named – it’s the Zahnd & Kormann ZK No. 2.

The Maen Hudson 38 preorder is closing – and a new Maen is on the way

As it is with so many things, tastes in watch design seem to go in cycles. Materials and colors are hot for a year or two, then fall out of favor as something new comes onto the scene. This has also been true for case sizes. While there are still some brands making rather large cases (over 45mm), we’re seeing brands bringing smaller watches to market. One of the latest of these is the Maen Hudson 38.

Introducing the ManchesterWatchWorks 62MAS

By now, you should all be familiar with the products that ManchesterWatchWorks is producing.  I’ve seen most of their products, and have become a fan, and have managed to convince Victor to jump on the bandwagon.  With their latest project, MWW shows off how quickly a small brand can react to the request of the community.  In this case, it’s a remake of the very first professional diver made by Seiko, the 62MAS.

Going Bronze with the Fonderia Navale Veneto

I really dig the look of bronze watches, due to that tough, crude, and unrefined look. So many of them out there seem to be on the larger size and with my 6.5 inch wrist can look a bit too large for me. When I saw this Veneto bronze watch, made by Fonderia Navale, I was very interested. Fonderia Navale was founded by the same folks who founded Pontvs. You can see my review on their Pontvs Nessi here. The case on this one is only 42mm, and that’s just perfect for me. Fonderia Navale also make larger models but this model, the Veneto, is their smallest. The Veneto is named after Vittorio Veneto, which was the second member of the Littorio-class battleships that served in the Italian Regia Marina (Royal Navy) during World War II. The folks at Fonderia Navale were kind enough to send me out one of thier prototypes to review. Let check this thing out.

Introducing the Virata VRT1 Series

Somewhere along the way, I became rather drawn to interestng case shapes.  Then again, that should not be all that surprising.  There is plenty to like about a well-executed, classic case design, as production (and sales) numbers will attest.  With the flood of watches from new brands though, how best to stand out?  Prior to today’s example, the best one I can point to, in terms of standing out with a new case, was Visitor Watch Co.  Well, there’s a new (patented) case out in the world, in the form of the Virata VRT1 series.