Yesterday’s watch almost reveled in it’s elegant simplicity. What if you want something with, shall we say, a bit more flash to it? On Instagram, I’ve seen photos of watches that skilled engravers have gotten a hold of (and you know what, even Magrette has done some), and I find them amazing to behold. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the look. All of that handwork can raise prices a good bit, though. This new Egard Bermuda looks to help address that.

Now, if you read through the campaign page, the Egard Bermuda is positioned has having an engraved case and bracelet. However, at the prices being talked about here, I’ve a feeling it’s not being done by hand as we more commonly see here. My guess is that it’s some combination of casting and/or machining that gets it most of the way there, and then maybe some manual cleanup. However, if they found a way to get this level of consistency at that price using traditional engraving methods, that would be a game changer.

Obviously, the treatment on the case and bracelet for the Egard Bermuda is the star of the show here. For me, I was also struck how it’s a departure from the ovoid case shape we’ve seen in prior models that we’ve reviewed. Guess the engraving can stand on its own, then.

Tucked into the case of the Egard Bermuda you’ve actually got one of three different movements. At the lowest pricepoint ($350), the V1 features a Swiss Ronda 515 quartz movement. Going up a bit to the Skeleton ($420) you’ve got a skeletonized Seagull automatic movement; finally, at the top of the line, the Masterpiece ($600) features a Swiss STP1-11 automatic movement. This is nice for the consumer as you have control over what you want to pay a bit.

For the versions with a dial, the Egard Bermuda comes in blue or black, which looks to keep things nice and legible under the sapphire crystal. Once everything is closed up, you’ve got a 100m WR rating, so you’re safe to hit the pool with the watch. Though, you might want to swap the bracelet out for the included rubber strap, if that’s the case.

While the look of the Egard Bermuda likely isn’t for everyone, it gives that style of a gun-engraved watch case at a much lower price point than you might otherwise expect. The Kickstarter campaign has crushed it’s funding goal, with things wrapping up on May 25, 2020 and delivery anticipated for July 2020. campaign page

Tech Specs from Egard

  • Case: 42mm, steel, engraved
  • Movement
    • Bermuda V1: Swiss Ronda 515 quartz
    • Bermuda Skeleton: Seagull
    • Bermuda Masterpiece: Swiss STP1-11 automatic
  • Crystal: sapphire
  • Caseback: sapphire (Skeleton, Masterpiece) or steel (V1)
  • WR: 100m
  • Dial: blue or black (V1, Masterpiece)
  • Strap: engraved metal and a second rubber strap

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  1. This is an interesting one. Trying not to judge early on but very surprised their campaign did so well. Good for them, must be a certian audience. From IG photos it visibly looks…cheap, but I have not seen one in person so perhaps I am being harsh. Love the reviews.

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