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Getting thin and crispy with the D1 Milano Ocean


I have to say – sub-40mm watches are having a bit of a resurgence, and I, for one, am loving it. And I know my fellow writers here at WWR agree. Sure, that big statement piece can be fun (and thinks like an URWERK or MB&F just need big canvases), but for an every day piece, something more compact is where it’s at. Throw in ultra-thin? You have my attention, and that’s what we’ve got with the D1 Milano Ocean.

When you’re looking at these images of the D1 Milano Ocean, you’ve probably got a few different watch designs that it’s reminiscent of, and that’s certainly by design. Pull in some cues, pay homage to the popular stuff that came before, and mix it up some to make it your own. Many brands have done it, and on the D1 Milano Ocean, it gives you a vagueuly-classic look that looks right.

Now, as I mentioned, the D1 Milano Ocean is a very thin watch (6mm) which, along with the polished handset and clean dial, puts you to mind of a dressier watch. And if that’s how you use it, that’s fine, as the quartz movement will keep it running accurately for you every time you pick it up. If you want to wear it a bit more regularly, though, you’ve got a mostly-brushed finish to the watch (with some pops of polish) that allow it to feel a little more casual allowing it to dress down a little bit.

This one came in for review after our shelter-at-home orders came through, so I didn’t have many of my normal wearing tests. That said, it fit in fine with my impromptu home office, and even a time or two that I managed to get even more dressed up than that. What I appreciated the most was, regardless of the shirt, once the D1 Milano Ocean was on my wrist, it just faded away, waiting until I needed to tell the time.

And telling the time was a snap, as the polished handset stood out sharply against the dark blue of the dial, as did the indices. Now, for a watch that looks like this, and is as thin as it is, you might expect the D1 Milano Ocean to be a bank-breaker. But, realistically, it isn’t. The example we reviewed comes in at $365, which is pretty affordable. We liked the watch, and I’ve a feeling you may know a “grad or dad” in your life who would as well. Don’t underestimate how great that thin case will play! There are other dial colors, and even a larger size (40mm) if you prefer; you can check out all the options directly from the brand. d1milano.com

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: D1 Milano Ocean
  • Price: $365
  • Who?s it for? You want your watch to not weigh you down
  • Would I wear it? Yeah, it’s a tidy little watch that fits into a variety of situations
  • What I?d change: Some half-links in the bracelet for a more precise sizing would be appreciated
  • The best thing about it: How well the watch just “melts” into your wrist, becoming almost unnoticeable under a cuff

Tech Specs from D1 Milano

  • Case size:38 mm
  • Case thickness: 6 mm
  • Strap: Stainless Steel
  • Glass: Sapphire Glass
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM
  • SKU: D1-UTBU01

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