By now, you are no doubt familiar with the watches that Undone has been creating. They’ve got a sort of hybrid custom/stock sort of a thing going on, and have released several iterations of their designs. Most of those have focused on bigger case sizes generally aimed at the guys. Now, they’ve got one just for the ladies – the Undone Urban 34 Killy.

As you might surmise, the Undone Urban 34 Killy is coming in at a 34mm case size, perfect for a smaller wrist. While the case has shrunk, so to has the dial, although it’s instantly recognizable as one of Undone’s more popular dial designs.

Given the smaller case, the Undone Urban 34 Killy went for a quartz movement (the VH61 in this case with a smooth-sweep seconds hand), which keeps the watch no-fuss (and helps keep the costs down). The watch also features a lug size we’re not used to talking about – 16mm. While some aftermarket makers have straps that fit that, Undone has you covered.

You see, the Undone Urban 34 Killy comes with two straps. Well, three strap pieces. You’ve got the standard buckle end, and then on the “long” end you can have the normal length, or you can have a double-long one which allows you to wrap the strap around, giving you the wrap bracelet look. It’s a stylish addition to their catalog, and at $199, it’s definitely an affordable one.

Tech Specs from Undone

  • Diameter/ Face size: 34mm
  • Lug/ Strap width: 16mm
  • Lug-to-lug/ Top-to-bottom: 40.5mm Height: 11mm
  • Case material: 316L Steel (PVD Rose Gold) Lens: K1 Glass
  • Movement: VH61 Sweeping Quartz

One thought on “Introducing the Undone Urban 34 Killy”
  1. I appreciate the mecha-quartz movement in a wearable 34mm size. Wish there were other color variations besides just white/steel/gold, though. If there was a variation like Undone‘s Vintage Navi with a black dial and steel case in 34mm, I’d pick one up in a jiffy.

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