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Schofield’s Latest Creation Is In The Works




I’ve been following the folks over at Schofield for awhile now, including our review of their customer-only strap kit (here).  The Signalman has been a hit, and they’re currently working on a new model.

How 'bout American-Made?



Our friends over at The CGA Company have an interesting project they”re trying to get off the ground.  Basically, they getting a new watch brand up and running, but there”s more to it than that.

Magrette Has A New Model Ready For Pre-Order



Yes, it’s no secret here – I’m a fan of what Magrette brings to the table with their watches.  Their latest model, which just went up for pre-order, looks like another hit.

Introducing: Ball Engineer M Skindiver III

While I will admit that not every single release from Ball Watch lights up my tritium tubes, there have been a number of them as of late that really have caught my eye. I’m not sure if anyone in the design team over there reads what I write, but they seem to be honing in on my personal preferences. The latest to take a shot at me? The Ball Engineer M Skindiver III.

Introducing: Hager Diplomat

While it’s been some time since we talked to you about Hager (you can see prior articles here), that doesn’t mean that they’ve shut the lights off. No, rather than going back to another steel sports watch, they’ve instead gone in a dressier (albeit retro) direction with the introduction of the Hager Diplomat.

Preorder Alert: moVas Oceaner 3

You know who we haven’t heard from in a long time? moVas, that’s who. Well, that’s more on us than them. moVas has been out there, still creating watches, and they’re back this time with a iteration of a previous model (one we’ve not written about, actually). Meet the moVas Oceaner 3.