Undone has been doing a lot of interesting things as of late. When I first heard of them, they were basically doing semi-custom watches where you had some choices in how basic platforms were executed. They?ve since expanded out into some interesting partnerships, most memorably Peanuts and Batman. With their latest edition – the Undone MU?2 – they?re bring some very interesting Japanese design cues to your wrist.

First up, the Undone MU?2 has, of all things, a strap made from cloth that is over 150 years old. Not many brands – or straps – can claim that, to be sure. This particular material was died with indigo in the Katazome method, in which a rice paste was applied to the fabric through a stencil; this rice paste is dye-resistant, and results in the patterns you have on the strap itself. These straps are done by Simple Union, and is why this watch is consider a collaboration between the two brands.

That focus on fabric carries on to the dial of the Undone MU?2 , which is a modified California dial. Rather than Roman numerals on the upper half, you?ve got the Kanji symbols on the textile-look of the dial. Belying that, however, you?ve got two ?cracks? (which are luminous) running across the dial, which evokes the idea of a broken-and-repaired piece of pottery.

All of this is set into a bronze case, which is a first for Undone. This means – as with any bronze watch – that the Undone MU?2 will develop a patina that is the result of your own particular skin (and sweat) chemistry, as well as the particular environments you wear it in. Or, as some do, how aggressive you may be in force-aging the material.

It?s an interesting look, and I especially like the century-old fabric and twist on the California dial. Pre-orders for the Undone MU?2 opened up on February 29th, with each of the 300 pieces coming in at $395. If you do order one, delivery is anticipated for the end of March. undone.com

Tech Specs from Undone

  • Case:
    • Bronze case
    • 316L stainless steel case back, necessary to maintain functionality.
    • 40mm diameter
    • 48mm lug-to-lug
    • 20mm strap width.
    • Height: 15mm from case back to the top of the double-domed Lexan Polycarbonate crystal
  • Bezel and insert: bronze
  • Movement: SII NH35a – a self-wind, hackable, workhorse movement displaying time in a three-hand format.