Ah, yes, the negotium. Oh, wait, wrong meme train of thought. No, you see, the Pynchon Negotium is capitalizing on the Latin word, which means that this is a watch for business people doing business things. Not conquering Everest, not exploring the Marianas Trench or setting land speed records. No, the Pynchon Negotium is for heading into the office.

I suppose you should have guessed that right off, given that when you see a moonphase on a dial, you’re not likely to be in the sportswatch category. Here, though, you’ve got those pomme hands (four, if you include the subdials) and then an extra set of hands coming off of that center pinion. One is the seconds, but that other one? That’s telling you what month you’re in – and the week as well. That one confused me at first as it’s printed in counter-clockwise fashion, so that’s interesting it’ll be rotating opposite of the other hands.

In the sub-dials of the Pynchon Negotium, then, you’ve got the day of week and date indicated. In other words, so long as you’re adjusting yourself on the shorter months (or perhaps the Ronda quartz movement can handle that for you, not certain) you’ll always know where you are in time – a trickier thing these days since all of the lockdowns and work from home. In other words, it’s a classic, if busier, look to a watch. You’ve got your choice of blue, black, or white dials, and a gold-tone option for the black dial version as well.

For the pre-order period (which ends on April 30th, 2021) you can get the steel models for £289 (approx. $400), while the gold-tone one bumps up to £299 (approx $413), shipping included; VAT and customs will be extra. If you’re getting that order in now, you should be seeing your new watch on your wrist by sometime in November. pynchon.co.uk

Tech Specs from Pynchon

  • 41.5mm diameter x 12.45 thickness
  • 316L steel
  • Sapphire crystal front
  • 100m water-resistance
  • Swiss Made quartz by Ronda Normtech 706.B (hours, minutes, seconds, date, day, weeks, months and moonphase)
  • Black alligator leather with buckle.

ByPatrick Kansa

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