Myself, I’ve just never gotten the idea of watching any sort of fighting sports. Wrestling, I kind of get, because it’s staged and it’s entertainment. Watching adults beat the snot out of each other? That’s just not my thing. Then again, I probably enjoy stuff others don’t care for. So, no judgement here if you’re a UFC fan, and you show up sporting one of the Timex X UFC watches.

For this launch – which marks Timex as the official timing partner of UFC – there are a number of designs being released, with the UFC logo showing up on the dials, casebacks, and buckles:

  • Timex UFC Colossus: ana-digi display in a 45mm octagonal case; $185
  • Timex UFC Pro: gold-tone 44mm case with day-date; $155
  • Timex UFC Debut: This is the Sub-clone; $100
  • Timex UFC Combat: all digital, 53mm case; $85

And that’s just a few – there’s even more, which you can see in the gallery down below, or directly over at or

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Last Update: November 1, 2022

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