Max Difues watch straps are among the best deals available.

Difues hand-makes his straps from the best leather using genuine shell Cordovan from Italy.

Replacing your watch strap is the single biggest affordable upgrade you can make to your watch.

A bad strap can be bad for a number of reasons. Low quality leather, too stiff, too ‘finished’ on the sides, so you can’t even see if it’s really leather.The worst straps are so stiff that they attempt to stay straight, refusing to conform to the wrist, which leaves you either wearing them too tightly, or they hold the watch head off the wrist at odd angles. Bad straps are, well, bad.

What makes Difues so good? They’re made from real shell Cordovan leather. The sides not over-finished, so you can see the real grain, a mark of high quality. Difues straps are hand-cut, sewn, and punched, with hardware that’s signed Difues.

We’ve received several watches in for review with unacceptable straps, and after a day of wear, change the straps to something more suitable. It’s really the best value upgrade you can do for your watch. Difues straps are made from the best leather, including Italian (Rocado) premium horse leather Shell Cordovan. They’ve been vegetable tanning leather since 1892. It’s good stuff.

We received two straps in for review. The first is a black strap with rectangular keepers. There’s a very short secondary strap sewn in like you’d find on a NATO style strap. Here, it doesn’t go under the watch, only a single piece of leather threads through the bars. Instead, it acts as two keepers, one which slides freely between the buckle and second keeper. And it’s signed, “DIFUES”, which is a nice touch. The inside of the strap is not finished, and is only partially dyed. It’s very clear, this is real leather. The keeper strap is stamped with Difues’ bull logo which faces inside the wrist.

The second strap we received is a brown Cordovan ZULU style, with oval rings. It too is a single pull-through strap, but here, the oval keepers are sewn in fixed positions. It’s indescribably soft. The strap is stamped with Difues’ bull logo on where the stitching holds the keepers in place, and the inside surface has no evidence of dye – its gorgeous all over.

Max is a great person. He’s good to work with, and his love for his work shows in the straps. I feel comfortable recommending him, because he’s a genuinely good and patient person, who happens to make good things.

Look at the grain

A high-quality watch deserves a high-quality strap. An affordable watch can be completely improved by wearing it on a high-quality strap. Low-quality straps shouldn’t even be a thing. There’s no reason I can think of why anyone should suffer with a bad one. Get a Difues handmade strap and wear your watch in the comfort and style it should have come with from the factory. Check out Max’s shop at


  • Brand & Model: Difues Cordovan straps
  • Price: pricing starts at $75
  • Who we think it might be for: You want to improve the look of your watch, and the comfort.
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?: Absolutely.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Max doesn’t need my suggestions.
  • What spoke to me the most about this strap: The high quality leather and workmanship.

Tech Specs from Difues

  • Width: available in 20mm and 22mm
  • Material: Italian shell cordovan
  • Colors: Whiskey, Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Burgundy, Brown, Cognac, Green, Olive (Khaki), Gray
  • Strap: steel hardware.

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Last Update: December 18, 2018