If you recall, it was not all that long ago that we brought you word about the Skagen x Soulland collaboration (you can ready about that right here). Since then, we’ve had one come in and have been spending some time with it. Read on for what all the Skagen x Soulland has in store for you.

Skagen watches are often known for their focus on minimalism, and the Skagen x Soulland certainly feels that way, almost to the verge of starkness. A lot of that comes from the very wide chapter ring that comes down from the crystal down to the dial. Everything under the crystal is tonal as well, with just the numerals/indices and the handsets standing out in stark contrast.

With things sort of feeling stretched out, dial-wise, the Skagen x Soulland looks like a much larger watch than the 42mm spec would suggest. Fortunately, it’s a fairly thin case (thanks to the quartz movement), and the lugless design means that the leather strap can hug in closely to your wrist, making for a fairly comfortable fit on the wrist.

While the Skagen x Soulland certainly will work as a watch (and even as a chronograph), it is definitely a design that focused more on the aesthetics of the piece than putting functionality first. That is not to condemn the watch – because if it’s style is what you’re looking for, and it speaks to you, then that’s a-ok. Just don’t expect to be timing hot laps down at the track with it, is what we’re saying.

If you want to pick up a Skagen x Soulland, it comes in two colorways – the silver/green that we reviewed here, and an all-black design as well. Regardless of the color you’re going for, they come in at $175skagen.com

Tech Specs from Skagen

  • Sku: SKW6850 (silver) / SKW6851 (midnight)
  • Case Size: 42MM
  • Movement: Quartz Chronograph
  • Strap Material: Leather sourced from LWG certified tannery
  • Water Resistance: 3 ATM
  • Case Material: At Least 50% Recycled Stainless Steel
  • Case Color: Silver or Midnight
  • Dial Color: Silver or Midnight
  • Strap Width: 22MM
  • Closure: Single Prong Strap Buckle
  • Strap Inner Circumference: 200+/- 5MM
  • Battery Type: SR621SW

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