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Introducing: Skagen Grenen Solar


Even before I really got into watches, Skagen was a brand I knew very early on, as it was the watch I got for myself to wear at my wedding. So, you could say the Danish minimalism has a special place in my mind palace, for sure. They’ve been making moves to be more eco-conscious, and their latest release is a big step in that direction. Meet the Skagen Grenen Solar.

Recently Released: Soulland x Skagen Grenen


Continuing the theme of collaborations that we’ve been seeing this year, we’ve been told about another one that brings together two Danish brands – Soulland and Skagen. Soulland is a fashion brand, and this collaboration design was on the runway at the fall 2022 Copenhagen Fashion Week. Meet the Soulland x Skagen Grenen.

Introducing: Skagen x Soulland


I’m not sure if I’ve just not been paying close enough attention, or if this truly is a trend. By that I mean the sheer number of collaborations that we’ve been seeing in the watch world. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a way to expose a watch to other folks who might not be aware of the brand, while bringing in some fresh design ideas. The latest to hit the runway? This Skagen x Soulland collaboration.

Re-introducing: Skagen Icons


Many brands – especially these days – like to rest on the designs that have been done in years past. Sometimes, that’s done with a splashy re-release of a significant model. On the other hand, we’ve got Skagen coming at it with a much more relaxed approach. They know which designs have been popular, and they’re bringing them back under the banner of Skagen Icons.

Introducing: Skagen Aaren Naturals


Becoming more eco-friendly in the materials used in creating our favorite products. We’ve seen this a good deal in the watch world, primarily with a focus on using plastics recycled from ocean waste. While these watches don’t feature plastic, they do have some interesting changes – meet the Skagen Aaren Naturals.

In Review: Skagen Dual Time

Long-time readers of this site will realize that this is not the first time I’ve written about this particular Skagen.  While formally known as the Skagen 281LSXB, I simply call it the Skagen Dual Time.  This is the oldest (in terms of my ownership of the watch) watch in my collection, and it holds a very near-and-dear spot in my clockwork heart.  You see, I wore the Skagen Dual Time for the very first time on the day of my wedding.

Introducing the Skagen X Neighborhood Goods


First things first – this is a launch that actually happened back in November, and it just sort of slipped through the cracks over here. Still, it’s a bit of serendipity. March – 13 years ago now – was the month I first wore my own Skagen watch, so let’s talk about what the Skagen X Neighborhood Good watch has to offer.

Skagen is getting colorful with their Hoptimist collaboration

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a lot going on in the world. And sure, in the grand scheme of things, writing about watches? It’s not really that important. However, as something that can take your mind off of things for awhile while you’re hunkered down in your home? Well, that we can help you out with. We recently heard about this release that brings some color to things, in the form of the Skagen X Hoptimist collection.

A quick Skagen roundup


Skagen is a brand that I?ve gotten more familiar with over the last year. I?ve had one of their watches in my collection for almost 12 years now (my wedding watch), and have spent time with several of their newer releases this year. For today, we?re going to blast through a handful of other offerings we?ve not covered as of yet, as they present some interesting options.

Skagen has several deals for you


Well, yesterday, we saw a handful of sales hitting the wire, and today, we?ve got some more for you. First up, we?ve got our friends over at Skagen, and they?ve got their sales broken into three different time frames, from now until December 3rd.