Wait, what is this – another eco-friendly Skagen Grenen? That’s right friends – following on the footsteps of the last one (which we covered here), we’ve got another approach to reducing ecological impact. Meet the Skagen Grenen Solar Limited Edition.

If you recall, the previous Skagen Grenen Solar had a steel case (recycled, of course) and the solar-powered movement, allowing the watch to keep running so long as there’s light to be had. Well, this one keeps recycling at the forefront while also making a lighter watch.

You see, the case of the Skagen Grenen Solar Limited Edition is made from #tide ocean material (which we’ve covered many times previously), removing plastic from the oceans and turning it into something new. In this case, it’s the 37mm case of the watch. For the strap, they’ve woven rPET for a sharp blue-black-white color combination. And as an added treat? The white fibers glow, just as the numerals and handset on the watch do.

The Skagen Grenen Solar Limited Edition was just released a few days ago, and will be going for $195 in a limited-edition of 300 pieces. Along with supporting these recycling efforts, if you pick up one of these, you’ll be helping Skagen with their $25,000 donation to Save the Waves Coalition. Check it all out over at skagen.com

Tech Specs from Skagen

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