While it’s not unusual for a watch brand to release a new tweak to an existing model, it’s less common for them to release that tweak and make it a limited edition. That’s precisely what Sjöö Sandström does with their Annual Edition watch, something that started up back in 2018 (to be precise, the Annual Edition naming started in 2019). While those editions had the major changes in the form of the dial color, the Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition 21 goes mining our childhoods for inspiration.

You see, this Sweden-based brand has gone with the childhood classic of Pippi Långstrump (known as Pippi Longstocking to us English-speaking folks) for this edition. On the dial, you might expect red or orange, but that’s not the case at all (other than a few accents). Instead, they’ve reinterpreted her long braids in the form of embossed braided waves that cover the whole dial, all done in a crisp white.

Looking for a more direct tie-in to Pippi Långstrump? The Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition 21 does indeed have that as well. On the caseback, you’ve got an original drawing from the original illustrator of the book, Ingrid Vang Nyman. The presentation box of the watch also has Pippi drawings, though those are classics, and not new creations.

For the Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition 21, only 86 pieces will be made (a nod to the brand’s start in 1986). Within those 86 pieces, if you’re purchasing one, you’ve got a choice of what case size you’d prefer – either 32mm, 36mm, or 41mm. The smallest version uses a quartz movement, while the larger two watches utilize a Swiss automatic. Flipping the script a little bit, the smaller two watches come with steel bracelets and an extra leather bracelet, while the larger 41mm version comes just on the bracelet.

In terms of pricing, the 32mm version of the Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition 21 comes in at about $2,043, while the larger two watches (with their automatic movements) command a price of $2,961. You can check it all out at the link at the end of this article. And, at that same link, you can also sign up to be notified of future annual releases. What better way to face the rapidly-oncoming new year than with one of the fiercest girls of literature on your wrist? sjoosandstrom.se

Tech Specs from Sjöö Sandström

  • CASE: Stainless steel Ø32, Ø36 & Ø41 mm.
  • CASE-BACK: Unique “annual 2021” closed case-back
  • GLASS: Scratch resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.
  • DIAL AND HANDS: Dial with white super luminova index marks and hands with super luminova.
  • DIAL: Pippi inspired pattern
  • BEZEL: Stainless steel
    • Ø32 & Ø36 Stainless steel, with an engraved logotype on end piece and an extra leather bracelet.
    • Ø41 Stainless steel.
  • WATER RESISTANCE: 10ATM (100 meters)
    • Ø32 Electronic movement SS L1
    • Ø36 & Ø41 SS G7 Automatic movement (Swiss Made)
  • RRP:
    • Ø32 17.800 SEK (approx. $2,043)
    • Ø36 25.800 SEK (approx. $2,961)
    • Ø41 25.800 SEK (approx. $2,961)

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