When it comes to Kickstarter campaigns, we generally find out about the more interesting ones well in advance of the campaign going live.  This time around, I became aware of one that ends in just a few more days, but I wanted to get it to your attention right quick.  Which one?  Why, the HKED Nemo, of course.

Now, something like the HKED Nemo should be right up my alley – an affordable, small-maker steel dive watch, coming from minds that call Michigan (my old stomping grounds) home.  I cannot say as I know a lot about the brand, but our buddies over at TwoBrokeWatchSnobs.  Kaz and Michael have sounded suitably impressed in their podcast, and Michael has a full review done on the watch as well, along with a ton of really great photos.

In terms of specs, the HKED Nemo has things down just like we like to see (above).  A 40mm stainless steel case protecting a Miyota movement, that’s the stuff of indie divers.  Add in a domed sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel (with lume), then you’re taking things a bit more upmarket.  Thankfully, pricing stayed down, with prices starting at just $375.  As of this writing, the campaign is sitting at 92%, which is so, so close. The project ends on Monday, October 29th, so if you’re going to go, do so quickly.  And if you, let me know if you jump on one of the very lovely bright dial shades, or some of the more traditional ones.  kickstarter campaign

Last Update: October 26, 2018