Miró Watches is a relatively new brand, founded in 2012, bringing a clean, minimalist look to their watches.  Though the name is taken from a Spanish (Catalonian) Surrealist Artist, the design cues for the watch are pure Scandinavian, simple and functional.  Miró was kind enough to loan me a quartz watch in the Creme/Honey combination, but there are 5 different dial colors and 4 different strap options, so you have plenty of options.


The company has adopted a bit of an odd slogan, especially since the majority of watches are ultra-reliable quartz; “Time is only an illusion.”  I guess one way that this is reflected in the design is that the chapter markings are a little shadowed by the case.  Looking at the watch straight on allows you to read the major ticks for hours and minor ticks for minutes.  But as you rotate your wrist away from you, the chapter ring is hidden by the case.  It is a subtle shift in the look of the watch, but it is definitely there, especially at the bottom of the hour.  With the logo as the only other marking on the watch face, this adds to the clean look of the watch.


The case is 40 mm in diameter, so it would definitely work as a dress watch, and it is a good size for a unisex style.  The mineral crystal is slightly domed, and the quartz watch houses a Miyota three hand movement, while the automatic is powered by a Miyota 9015 with 24 jewels and a 42 hour power reserve.  Neither the quartz nor the automatic have a date function, thought the automatic movement is equipped with it, so setting the time should require the crown to be pulled out 2 steps.  Included with the automatic movement is a sapphire crystal for an added value.


The set of hands utilized for the watch is attractive in my opinion, and complements the look of the watch.  The hour and minute hands on my watch are a narrow leaf style in silver, matching the case.  The black, blue and grey colored dials all get white hour and minute hands.  All watches come with a red second hand, a splash of contrasting color on the dial.  No lume is used for the watch, so it is not going to be readable in the dark.  This might turn off some potential buyers, but I think it would have been difficult to incorporate a useful amount of illumination without changing the look of the watch.  Maybe time becomes an illusion in the darkness for a Miró watch.


There are four leather strap options, plus a stainless steel mesh bracelet.  All come with branded buckles.  The strap is 20mm at the lugs, so it would be easy to adopt a different strap.  The four options sold by Miro are all natural calf leather designed to wear and age with use, providing a personal connection to your watch.  The lug ends are also decorated with 2 stitches at the edges, adding a little contrast to the strap (except on the natural color).  The strap is more rustic than one I would expect to see on a sport watch or a dress watch, but also more refined than the unfinished look with some natural leather straps.  Long term, I am not sure how the strap will hold up, but as a watch that can go casual to dress, it does work as is.


In daily wear (and I wore it quite often over a week +) it is light and comfortable.   Again, the strap could be a little beefier, and maybe a tad wider, but it is not dainty or petite.  The watch paired nicely with the business casual I usually wear to the office, along with the more casual jeans I wear on the weekends.  With the strap color, I didn’t pair it with when I was wearing black, but on a different strap, the watch itself would work fine.  If I were wearing a suit with brown shoes and a belt, this would certainly be a prime option for my wrist.  Several friends who looked at the watch liked the style, including my wife, which really trumps the opinions of my friends (and at times, my own).

Review Summary
  • Brand & Model: Miró
  • Price: $204 to $346, depending on movement and strap
  • Who’s it for?: Someone who wants a clean design.
  • Would I wear it?:  Yes.
  • What I’d change: The strap seems too flimsy.
  • The best thing about it:  The domed crystal and clean design.

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