When I’m looking at watch projects that hit Kickstarter, I tend to feel a bit jaded. To put it simply, there is a lot of cut-and-paste catalog garbage out there. I mean, if you need to use a catalog case to control costs for the rest of your unique design? I’m good with that, especially if you’re starting out. However, if you really want to to stand out, create something really interesting, visually – just like the Valimor Caliburnus II.

If you read through the copy on the Valimor Caliburnus II, you’ll see there’s a lot of allusions made to Arthurian legend – and that’s cool and all to establish a story for a watch (and explain the cohesive details like the bezel patterning, crown, handset, and bracelet design). For me, though, the real star of the show are the amazing dials they’ve worked up.

Yes, the Valimor Caliburnus II has two different MOP dials available (one dark, one a lighter blue) and normally that would take the cake for me. However, they have really upped the game here, and they’ve got two different crushed opal dials available. The fire red is cool, but the clear winner in my book is the Lake Opal (for the record, the opals are synthetic). It’s just a look that I’ve really been drawn to ever since I saw the opal rings from Patrick Adair Designs (side note, they’ve got a 20% off sale running for a few more days) and I think would coordinate quite well with these designs.

Tucked under that amazing dial you’ve got the newer Miyota 8315 movement that offers up a 60-hour power reserve (something we are more used to seeing in higher-end watches). So, you’ve got an interesting movement, an amazing dial, and some additional design touches on the watch that really make it stand out. So, why not write more about it? Well, the Kickstarter is ending on April 4, so I’m keeping it short so you can get over there and back one of your own before it closes out. To get in on the Valimor Caliburnus II, you’ll put down $375 for one on the rubber strap, or $423 on a steel bracelet. The campaign is fully funded (no surprise there) and shipping is anticipated for June 2021. campaign page

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Last Update: March 30, 2021