Yesterday, we had our first hands-on review of a CW watch, the C11.  While that was a fine watch in it’s own regard, I really think today’s sample is an outstanding piece – both within the brand, and across brands.  For me, this watch is easily in my top 5.Of course, explaining while I feel the C60 Trident is just about a perfect watch is not going to be easy, but I’ll do my best.  With some watches, you can get a sense of them from the pictures, but it’s a different story once you handle it in the steel.  And that’s what happened for me with the C60.

Looking at the pictures of the watch, you see something that isn’t uncommon on these pages – three hander, functional bezel, and a NATO strap.  When I opened the box on this one, I couldn’t wait to get it on my wrist.  Something about the proportions on the 42mm case just seemed spot on to me.  And combined with the NATO our sample was on (black/maroon/olive), its a stunner.

Yup, it looks good on the C&B Nato too

Of course, a watch can’t just be all looks, though, can it.  Here, as with the C11, you’ll end up with an ETA 2824-2 or an SW200-1.  This is all wrapped up with a sapphire crystal topping the 13mm thick steel case, screw-in case back and screw-down crown, netting a 1000m water resistance rating.  In other words, this watch should stand up to just about anything you throw at it.

Last, but not least, you’ve got a nice little wave detail in the dial, which also features some great lume.  And it’s not in your standard green.  Here’s its actually blue – just another little twist to add some interest to the watch.

Great on orange as well

In the end, yes, I liked this watch – a lot.  It’s got classic styling, a great movement, and at only $480, it’s practically a no-brainer if you’re looking to buy a watch in this vein.  It’s a sad day with this one heading back home to the UK, but I can easily see adding one to my personal collection in the future.

ByPatrick Kansa

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