It’s time for us to have another dip into the Ingersoll catalog – and this time, I’ve come up with something that’s one of the biggest (if not the biggest) watch I’ve ever strapped on to my wrist.

The mondo watch is part of their Bison line, model number 25.   So, let’s get one thing out of the way – this watch measures in at a hefty 52mm in diameter – and being as it’s made from stainless steel, this is not a watch you’ll forget that you have on your wrist.

When I first opened up the box, I saw some details that I immediately liked – that being the prominent power reserve indicator up at the 12 o’clock position (I don’t know why, but I like seeing that complication in action), and the large date display down at 6 o’clock (it’s fun to set that one, just watching the digits flip).

Then I noticed the two sub-dials, and thought that maybe we somehow had a triple time tracker on our hands.  That thought was quickly amended, however, when I realized that the main dial was only tracking seconds.  The “sub” dials are actually what you’re recording the time with.

They can be independently set, though that behavior is a bit tricky.  You wind in one direction, and it starts moving them both forward in lockstep; turn the crown in the opposite direction, and only one of them goes back.  So, in this way, you can set two timezones; but if you make a mistake setting the “home” one, you’re going around another 24 hours since you can’t back it up.

For me, the time display was the biggest let-down.  Given the massive case, it’s unfortunate (in my opinion) that the timekeeping functions are as hard to read as they are – it just seems that there would have been room for some innovation here (that said, the layout is cleanly symmetrical, which I do appreciate).

And that’s where we’ll leave things for today – tomorrow, we’ll wrap up our review.

ByPatrick Kansa

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