Yesterday, we started taking a look at the Bison No 25 from Ingersoll.  While yesterday spoke more to the aesthetics and functionality of the piece, today we’ll have a closer look at the movement itself, and the remainder of the specs for the watch.

As to what’s keeping track of the time, we have the Ingersoll 848 calibre automatic movement.  I believe this is another “in-house” movement, though it may be sourced like a commenter noted on the Apache review.  The movement itself has some interest, as it makes use of 36 jewels while handling dual time, as well as the power reserve and date displays.

There is one other comment I should make regarding the movement.  While reviewing this watch, I actually had the movement stop working while the watch was off my wrist (yes, yes, the it had been getting “charged” earlier in the day).  Now, as this was a review sample, it may not have been up to production quality levels.  And, as movements are mechanical in nature, issues like this can easily pop up.  That all said, I felt it would be unfair to our readership to not bring this up.

Ok, on to the rest of the watch.  Up front, you have a mineral crystal; around back is a steel case-back (no peeping at the moment here).  All together with the canteen-style crown protector, you’ve got a water resistance rating of 300 meters, though you wouldn’t want to expose the leather strap to that much water.

As to whether or not this is the watch for you – I’ll have to leave that up to the individual.  For me, I really don’t like watches that are large just for the sake of being large (ie, no additional innovation), which the Bison No 25 feels like to me.  That said, I realize other folks have different tastes – and if you want something that beats you over the head with wrist presence, then this may be a contender for your collection.  While retail on the piece is $515, I was able to find for under $300 on Amazon.


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