If you saw my earlier review on another Magrette model (the Bronze Regattare), you know that I came away impressed by what I saw.  Well, fortune has smiled, and one of their Regattare 2011 models showed up on my doorstep.  This post (and tomorrow’s) will be used to review the watch.

Their logo (as shown to the right) was the first thing that greeted me.  The watch was shipped in a pine box that has the Magrette logo burned into the top.  And that’s what hit me when I opened the packaging – the scent of wood.  Once I had some time to dive into the contents of the box (and get past the bubble wrap), I was greeted by a canvas roll that contained the watch itself, as well as the rubber strap that they provide.

All in all, the initial presentation was quite nice.  And the fact that the provided roll could be used to hold the watch and two straps (or two watches and a strap) is just another nice value add.  It could be quite handy if it comes time to travel, and I feel the need for bringing along more than one watch.

After a brief amount of on-wrist time, this watch has definitely impressed me.  The leather strap, while thick, is extremely soft and comfortable, and is completed with a signed buckle.  The watch itself is heavy stainless steel (I weighed it at 4.6 oz), but once it’s on your wrist, it’s not that noticeable – just a solid reminder of the quality you’re wearing.  Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at the watch itself.

ByPatrick Kansa

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