Yesterday, we started to take a look at the Flieger MN watch from Obris Morgan; today, we’ll wrap the review up.

This particular watch uses an automatic movement based on the TY2355 from Seagull, and offers up a 40 hour power reserve and 21,600 BPH.  Before the watches are sent out to the customer, they’re regulated for 48 hours, and should be +/- 10 seconds per day.  The movement itself is relatively quiet.  However, when the rotor spins around, you do definitely hear it.

I also need to comment on the manual wind performance of the movement.  While it does hand-wind without issue, it’s not the smoothest “feel” in the world.  Not that it was binding or anything – it just isn’t as polished as you might expect.  Also, when pulling the crown own to the various positions for adjustments, I sometimes had issues getting it to register the position change.  In practice, that means I had the date changing on me, at times, when I was attempting to screw the crown back down.

The model we were sent came in a Pelican-style storage case; from what I’ve read online, this seems to be standard for the watches they sell.  Included in the case are the owners manual, an ownership card, two additional straps, and an additional strap pin.

The straps are a nice value add – if they fit your wrist.  Unfortunately for me, neither of the leather straps (a brown Bund-style one and a plain black one) fit my 7.25″ wrist; the included black resin one did – and the watch looks fine on it.  I did also pick up an 22mm orange NATO that it looks nice on as well.  Regardless, this is one area OM may want to change things up – perhaps just have the one band (or offer options), and have it be of a higher quality and/or bigger size.

So, while there are definitely some areas OM could improve the watch, I do feel it’s a decent value for the price charged (this PVD model runs at $219 shipped; others in the line start at $189 shipped).  I’d say this is a good first automatic mechanical for someone who perhaps doesn’t want a diver style, or just prefers a pilot-inspired design.


  • 42mm steel case (polished, titanium, or PVD coated)
  • 22mm lugs
  • 40 hour power reserve
  • GMT calculation
  • WR to 100 meters

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