We’ve talked about some of the changes Skagen is going through (being snapped up by Fossil), and brought your attention to a “dark side of the moonphase” watch, but none of them have been true reviews.  That changes today by way of one from my own collection.

The model in question is the 281LSXB, and quite prominently features a dual-time ability that I have used to good effect.  These days, when I wear the watch (generally in a dressier situation, though it was daily wear for a bit), both movements are set to the same time.  When travelling, however, I’d leave the top time set to home, and use the bottom one (with the seconds hand) for the local time.

So, why dual time?  Frankly, to a jet-lagged mind in a fog, not having to do the math of what time it is when you’re calling back home is worth it.  Sure, the presentation here from Skagen isn’t the most unique thing in the world – but with two movements, it’s dead simple to set the times.

I can also give you another great reason for this dual time iteration – redundancy.  I’ve had the situation happen where one of the two batteries ran out.   So, even when that happened, I still had accurate time, and a very easy-to-see reminder that I needed to buy some more button cells.

In terms of specs, you have a 30mm wide (and only 7mm thick!) case that’s water resistant to 30 meters, all on that 22mm deployant bracelet.  It does have the barest hints of lume on the hands, which would indicate it was intended more as a dressier piece.  The aesthetics support that assertion as well.  That said, the brushed steel bracelet, combined with the black and chrome of the dial, make it versatile:  it works just as well with jeans as it does with a suit, which makes it a great travel companion.

If you’re looking to pick one up for yourself, the specific model shown here runs about $100 out on the internet; you can find a similar style (white dial / mesh band) on Amazon for about $63 – in other words, very affordable.

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Last Update: March 6, 2012

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