That’s right – it’s time to take another look at a model from the Timex Intelligent Quartz lineup.  Today’s selection features one of the all-time favorite complications, the chronograph.

The model in question is the T2N495DH and it features the IQ styling that we’ve seen in some of there other models we’ve looked at.  And, like in those previous reviews, I was a little surprised to get the digital “beep” when pulling out the stem to adjust the settings.  Just a gentle reminder of it’s quartz heart, I suppose.

As a chronograph, it works perfectly well.  Start the timing, and the 24 hour register in the upper left switches to timing out chronograph hours (up to four), and the lower right register marks out the minutes.  For the seconds, there’s actually a second second hand on the dial that marks those out for you.

Of course the chrono function is controlled by the pushers flanking the crown.  The upper one handles start/stop, and the lower one resets.  When you reset, that’s where you’ll see the flyback occur – if the seconds hand is before 30 seconds, it’ll rotate back counter-clockwise.  In short, it takes the shortest path back to home.

A second press of the reset button puts the 24 hour register back into marking that time.  And at first, I wasn’t able to get it in sync with the main time, as it goes to zero when you adjust the time.  I finally realized that when you have the crown in position 1 (to adjust the date) you can adjust the 24 hour register to what you need.  So, it can match your current time, or actually have it track a second time zone.

In terms of styling, this is definitely one of the dressier ones we’ve reviewed from the IQ line.  With it’s black/white/chrome color scheme, and crocodile-embossed leather strap, this could easily slip under the radar at a dressier event.  At 42mm by 13mm thick, it’s not a small watch, but it wears smaller than the specs might lead you to believe – possibly due to the 20mm strap width.

Finally, I was (pleasantly) surprised to find lume on the hands, as this model features the ever-present Timex Indiglo EL-backlighting system.  So, between the two, you’ll be able to read the time in the dark; the 100m water resistance should cover you in daily wear as well.  Should you want to add one to your collection, head on over to Amazon, where they can be picked up for $165.

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Last Update: March 22, 2012