As of late, our Timex reviews have been a short of his ‘n hers arrangement.  Yesterday, we saw the his (black IQ Chrono), and today we’ll take a look at the hers (white Originals Chrono).

The specific model we’re looking at is the T2N830AB, which is part of their Originals lineup.  If the white and silver color palette didn’t tip you off to the fact that this is a fashion-oriented model, then the Swarovski crystals definitely would.  Of course, it’s not all style, there is some nice functionality here with the chronograph function, date display and Indiglo backlight.

Surprisingly, for a women’s model, the aluminum case on this watch measures in at a hefty 41mm (10mm high), with 20mm lugs to hold the silicone strap in place.  And that brings us to the two items that my wife really didn’t end up caring for with this watch:

I originally liked the watch, and thought it would be something I’d wear in my everyday routine.  However, it was just too big, and the case stood out so far from my wrist.  I found the band pretty bulky,  and it kept catching on my keyboard.

Given the silicone band, you might be tempted to treat this as an exercise watch of sorts, perhaps even timing a workout.  But, in that light, my wife thought that it was too “blingy” to exercise in, and she didn’t find the dial the easiest to read.  In the end, she settled on this really being a casual statement sort of a watch.

So, as you can see, she really wanted to like the watch – it just wasn’t a fit for her routine and tastes, and that’s a large part of what will make a watch click with you – or not.  If this watch is clicking with you, you’re going to appreciate the 50 meter water resistance on top of the functionality included.  If that’s you, head on over to Timex to pick one up for $110.

Forgot to get an Indiglo shot of this one

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