Yes, that truly is the name of the watch – accordingly, the strap is the big differentiator for this watch from others in the dress lineup.



The exact model is T2P1212M (product page), and it features the following:

  • 31mm brass case (finished in silver tone), 8mm thick, 16mm lugs
  • Mineral crystal
  • Quartz movement
  • 50m water resistance rating


Timex is calling this an update to the classic dress watch, and I suppose I can see that – between the silver case and silver sunburst dial, that would lean to wards the dress end of the spectrum.  Paired with the bright green lizard print (it’s an embossed pattern on the leather), though, that takes the formality down a little bit.


Then again, this watch isn’t really targeted at me – let’s see what my lovely wife had to say about it:

“I liked the face. I think it is simple and classy – a bit larger than most traditional ladies watches, but not too much.   I was not a fan of the strap color, but it felt fine wearing it.”

“With the silver hands on a silver dial, it took a little bit longer to read the time, but not noticeably so.”


So, while it wasn’t a slam dunk for her, she didn’t come away hating it either.  In short, a decent watch, just not one that’s meant for her.  Good news, though, if you are a fan of that strap color – coming in a $50 (here), it’s definitely an affordable option.  And, if green isn’t to your liking, you may want to check out these other options (here).


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