We here at WWR are fans of seeing watch startups kicking off here in the ‘States, and I have personally had an enjoyable time getting to know the guys behind Smith & Bradley, as well as the watches they are creating downstate from me. Just a little bit ago, we brought you a breakdown of what was going on with their upgraded Atlantis, which already had quite a few options to choose from. Now, you have the ability to create your own Smith & Bradley custom Atlantis (originally reviewed here).


For a smaller operation like they are running, this is a pretty ambitious endeavor. The flip side of that coin is that because they are small, they can be flexible to accommodate this sort of thing. As you might expect, the customizations really focus more on the aesthetic, but it really could give you the ability to make the watch something unique to your own preferences. These are the sort of things you can choose from:

  • Case finish – including options such as gold plating and Cerakote
  • Hands – which addresses my main quibble with the Atlantis line
  • Dial color
  • Strap/bracelet
  • Box
  • Engraving


Unfortunately, while they have been testing out different movement options, at this time, you are limited (if you can call it that) to the movements they have had in the Atlantis all along – either a Swiss Quartz, Seagull ST 2130, or an ETA 2824-2. Of course, if you manage to come across a movement that fit the case and stem height dimensions, then Smith & Bradley will work with you to make that a reality.


For more information about this, you will want to check out this page they have setup. There, you can get the contact information for getting the ball rolling, as well as read up on how the process will go (including meeting up with Jerommie and Ryan, the guys behind the brand). While the customization options you pick out will obviously determine the final price, your custom Smith & Bradley Atlantis will start out with a base price of $650 for the quartz or $1,095 for the automatic. Of course, pricing goes up from there, but the brand estimates things would top out at between $2,500 and $3,000.



Just a few more things on this, if you are thinking about trying out this custom process. First off, you will want to move sooner, rather than later, as production numbers will be somewhat limited on this, understandably. Second, if you do go through the process, be sure to let ’em know WWR sent ya. Third, be ready for quite a different process than you may be used to for buying a watch.


With a custom Smith & Bradley Atlantis, you will be involved in the process from the start (including some trips to their facility, if you can swing it), much like if you were to get a made-to-measure suit. Finally, once you have that completed watch, we would love to hear how your experience was, as well as, of course, seeing photos of the finished watch. While many folks may be tempted to try to build their own watch, customizing an established model, direct from the factory, could be quite the interesting route to go.

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Last Update: February 3, 2015

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