Just the other week, we dove back into the Gavox catalog with a review of the three watches from their Stellar collection. Along with that shipment, there was another piece in the suede watch roll. While the Stellar watches are definitely dressier pieces, the Gavox Spitfire takes things in more of an everyday (yet still good-looking) direction.

Even if you didn?t know what the name of the watch meant (it?s a WWII-era British plane), by looking at the design you can tell that this watch is a pilot?s watch. You?ve got the arrow (though less pronounced as compared to other designs) up at 12 o?clock, the crisp white-on-black scheme (high contrast for the win), and nice, large handset in place.

Now, unlike what you might expect from something considered a pilot?s watch, the Gavox Spitfire is actually quite compact. It?s got a 36mm diameter case, and it measures in at a svelte 7.9mm thick. So, while the design may have it?s roots in the past, Gavox brought the design forward a bit (though, still historic with the 36mm) and made a watch that is very, very wearable.

Tucked inside the case of the Gavox Spitfire is a Seiko VD75 movement, which gives you the two hander plus running sub-seconds layout. As always, the quartz movement helps that case be so thin, and will also give you the ultimate in accuracy over the long haul. Water resistance is only 50m here – so no swimming with the watch – but I suppose if your plane hits the water (just go with the theme), you?ve got bigger problems than your watch getting wet.

I wore the Gavox Spitfire a good amount, both to work and with a suit, and it blended into those environments just fine. The embossed leather strap does feel a touch dressier (though, thankfully, it?s not glossy), but finding a more casual (and thin) 18mm strap wouldn?t be too challenging and then you?ve got a tidy casual watch.

I think Gavox does a great job delivering designs that tie in (in some form) to military watches of history. Some designs are a bit more obvious, and others, like this Gavox Spitfire, take cues and mix things up a bit to give you something recognizable yet a little different than you might expect. And, at a very-affordable $201, you?ve got a watch that I?m sure will be tempting to many. gavox.com

ByPatrick Kansa

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