Do you remember back to when I first told you about the Uriel Geneqt cufflinks in 2017, and then earlier this year brought you a hands-on review of those same links?  Those are a fun way to get your watches integrated into your suit (aside from, well, wearing a watch). Not everyone wants to track the time on their cuffs, though, so perhaps you would find the Uriel Geneqt Mechanics Cufflinks more to your liking.

While those prior cufflinks focused on the dial side of the rather iconic GMT-style look (between the bezel and dial), these decided to focus on the other side of the case, with actual spinning rotors (or counterweights, if you prefer that terminology) going round and round.  At 21mm in diameter and 7.5mm thick, these will definitely have some presence on your wrist.

The Uriel Geneqt Mechanics Cufflinks are a subtler way to get your watches out there on your cuffs, with an added bit of kinetic whimsy thrown in for good measure.  These are planned to be available in four different finishes (steel, gold, gunmetal, and rose gold) with early bird pricing starting at $88.

Sure, these are a bit pricier than you might find for cufflinks out there on the ‘bay or at a local flea market, but these take the idea of those “old movement” cufflinks in a different direction, and I’m thinking I’m a fan.  Presuming the campaign is successful (it stands at 45% funded as of this writing) when it closes out on January 16, 2019, we’ll be able to bring you our hands-on impression once production is underway.  campaign page

Last Update: December 27, 2018