Longines is a brand that, for some reason, seems to escape hitting some watch folks’ radar – myself included.  That is, until I actually think about them, and I realize that, yeah, they do have some pretty nice looking pieces.  And, in fact, their just-announced additions to the Longines Master Collection seem to be right in my wheelhouse.

Now, the Longines Master Collection is not a new one, by any means.  As a matter of fact, the line was first introduced in 2005.  So, why write about it now?  Well, they just announced two new dial colors.  And sure, I am as guilty of the occasional eye roll as the next watch guy when a new dial color is announced, but these are hitting my two favorite dial colors at the moment – blue and grey.

The blue-dialed versions of the Longines Master Collection feature bar indices, while the grey versions feature Roman numerals.  Throw in some rhodium-plated hands to spin over those sunray dials, and you can tell you’ve definitely got a watch that’s on the dressier end of the spectrum.

The straps of the Longines Master Collection also contribute to that dressier feel, being made of a stitched alligator that is color-matched to the dial, and the polished bezel certainly continues that theme.  For those wanting something that’s a good everyday watch – and not just for your black tie outings – then the inclusion of what look to be brushed surfaces on the rest of the case will set your mind at ease.

Frankly, I would put these new Longines Master Collection models firmly in at the entry-level sort of bucket for Longines as a brand, and Swiss watches in general.  These watches are available in a variety of sizes (generally speaking, 29mm for the ladies version, and 40mm for the mens, though there are additional options) that would certainly allow for an easy his-and-hers pairing.  When it comes to the pricing, the 29mm models come in at $1,850, while the 40mm ones run at $2,150.  While the watches do differ in size (and in the movements – ETA A20.L01 for the 29mm, ETA A31.L01 for the 40mm), they are very much cut from the same pattern, and look quite similar.

In my book, the blue versions of the new Longines Master Collection are winners of the bunch, but the grey dials are certainly no slouches either.  We’ll be working on getting one of these in for a hands-on review for you; in the meantime, sound off below (or over in our Slack channel) with your thoughts on these new watches.  longines.com

Watch Overview
  • Brand & Model: Longines Master Collection
  • Price: $1,850 (29mm), $2,150 (40mm)
  • Who we think it might be for: You want a clean, classic Swiss watch, and you want to pick up a matching set
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen? Quite possibly
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: It’s blue – need I say more?


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