As you can no doubt imagine, we get all manner of random press inquiries coming in.  Some lead to some happy discoveries, and others, well, let’s just saw they’re for things you’ll not see on these pages.  As we’ve expanded our coverage into men’s style items, the scope of those unbidden emails has expanded as well.  One of the ones we’ll put into the “happy discovery” category is the subject of today’s review, the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt.

As you might guess from its name, the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt features magnets.  In this case, they’re hiding in plain sight – under the placket of the shirt (aka the area you’re normally dealing with buttons) and on the barrel cuffs.  So, the question then is – why would you want magnetic closures on your shirt?  Well, it’s to make the shirt all that much easier to put on and take off.  Why is that important?  That’s better answered by looking at who the target audience is for MagnaReady.

You see, the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt is primarily aimed at those who have reduced dexterity in their hands and fingers.  Think about what you need to do with both hands in order to button just a single button.  For someone who, due to a medical issue, accident, or age, may not have full use of their hands and fingers, that prevents a real challenge.  Sure, you could ask someone to help you get dressed (or opt for buttonless shirts), but that certainly does not have to be the only solution.  Enter the magnets!

Once you pull the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt on, you just need to get the two sides of the placket reasonably close together, and the magnets pull it all together, and you’re ready to.  Truly, this is the fastest you’ve ever put on a button down shirt.  And, as a watch aficionado, you’ve got an added bonus.  If you put your watch on before your shirt, it will slide through the cuffs easily, with the magnet closure opening on the cuff, and then quickly reclosing once your hand is through.  That does raise the obvious concern for a watch, as you are putting it rather near a magnet.  From my time with the shirt, the magnetic portion normally sat at about the buckle, so mechanical tickers may not really be impacted – just keep it in mind.

Also, if you have a pacemaker, you’re going to want to check with your doctor before ordering up a MagnaReady Flannel Shirt as well, just to ensure the magnets won’t present an issue for your organic ticker.  Once you have the shirt on, it really looks (and behaves) just like any other.  The one caveat here is if you’re the sort who likes to have more than the top button undone.  As you go about your day, you may find out the shirt moves with you, and that the “buttons” will automatically close themselves back up.  Fortunately, with the collar spread, the top button didn’t seem to exhibit that sort of behavior.

In terms of the material and construction on the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt, it seems reasonably well done.  The flannel is quite soft, and they’ve got it available in a variety of colors and patterns.  In terms of washing, it’s not that different from any other shirt, and while it’s not wrinkle-free, per se, if you grab it from the dryer reasonably quick you can likely get away without touching it up with an iron.  And really, it’s a flannel shirt – that’s meant for cool weather relaxing time or work outside – a few mild wrinkles will be a-ok there.  In my time with the shirt, I’ve put it through a few wash/dry cycles, and have ironed it as well (needs to look nice for those photos, don’t you know?) and I did not notice any sort of loose threads, discoloration, or other problems that may have afflicted shirts you’ve had in the past.

In terms of fit, the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt has what they call a “traditional fit” – so, no tapering in the midsection, but still not an oversized fit by any stretch of the imagination (our review sample, as shown in the photos, is a size L).  Again, it really just does look like any other button-down shirt (and yes, those collar tip buttons are not magnets).  While I may not have any issues with my own hands and fingers, I really like how MagnaReady has gone about with coming up with a good-looking solution to the problem that people certainly do have.  And for the more able-bodied, it translates as a shirt that’s super easy to throw on or remove – say, climbing out of a cold bed in the morning, or slipping into your sleeping bag at night.  I don’t imaging you’ll find a collared shirt that’s easier to use, frankly.

Now, the button closure technology on the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt may not be for everyone, and you certainly do want to be aware of the fact that you are wearing magnets, and how that may interact with your watch or medical devices.  Pricing for these shirts is $64.95, and if you watch the site (and sign up for their emails), I’ve seen various promotions pop up that will enable you to find them at a discount.  Time will tell hw the fabric and closure system holds up, but so far, this looks like it’s a fairly well-constructed shirt.  And, if you do have limited dexterity – for whatever the reason – I’ve a feeling this shirt will be a great benefit.  And, if that is you, please reach out to us (mailto:[email protected]?subject:MagnaReady) as I am curious to hear from someone who the shirt technology is properly intended for.  Much like watches that have been produced to help those with reduced eyesight tell the time, I think the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt is nice addition to the products being created to help people maintain their independence, and look sharp at the same time.

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model:  MagnaReady Flannel Shirt
  • Price:  $64.95
  • Who’s it for? Anyone who – for whatever reason -wants a shirt that’s easy to put on and remove
  • Would I wear it? Yes – I find it a great casual-time option
  • The best thing about it:  Just how much it doesn’t look like anything other than a regular (non-magnetic) shirt
  • Watch it pairs best with:  Well, the obvious nod is something with magnetic resistance – say, the Alpina Alpiner 4

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