It seemed to me like ToykoFlash was a little overdue for bringing another time display-bending model to the market, and then I was notified of their newest one – the Kisai Polygon.

As with their other models (especially the ones we’ve reviewed), you’ve got an always-on LCD display (with a backlight you can trigger) in a few colors (black, blue, pink, or mirror) in a silver or black stainless steel case.  Where this one departs from other models, however, is how that LCD is used to read the time.

I’ll admit – when I first looked at the watch, I was a little confused with how to read the time.  Thankfully, they’ve put together a very clean graphic for how you read the time:

So, as you can see, while it seems rather complex at first, it’s a lot simpler than you might think it to be.  Which isn’t to say that I think this will be an “at a glance” sort of a watch (unless you really work at training yourself).  I do, however, think it’s really an intriguing way to have a display constructed.  If nothing else, TF keeps pushing the boundaries of how time can be told.

Of course, their watches aren’t just time displays.  The Polygon also has an alarm mode, and can display the date.  A 30M water resistance rating means it can take a splash, but don’t try to go swimming with it.

While the regular price of the Polygon is $129, they’re running an introductory promo where you can snag it for $99 (product page is here).  For $100, I’d say this is an interesting watch.  Perhaps not for everyone (especially if you’re a mechanical-only sort of collector), but I think it will definitely find a good fit with folks.

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Last Update: November 27, 2012