If you recall, when I last reviewed a Triwa piece (read about that here), I really liked what I saw.  Just recently, they’ve added a new model to the lineup – the Chevron Lomin.

First off – what’s a chevron?  Simply put, it’s a v-shaped pattern.  You can see it pretty clearly in the dial of the Lomin in this post; you can also read some more about the pattern here.  Here, they feel it evokes the pattern your likely to see in a wooden floor in Sweden, and I think they’ve hit the mark in that regard.

Aside from the rather intriguing pattern on the dial, you’ve got a fairly simple three-hander here, with a quartz Miyota 2115 tucked away in the acetate case.  Rounding things out, you’ve got a braided leather strap that somewhat follows the pattern established in the the dial.

Now, at an asking price (product page here for blue or yellow) of $190 (plus $25 for shipping), this is definitely on the higher end for a quartz piece – likely a victim of current currency conversions from the Swedish Krona.  I really like the acetate case (very light weight on the wrist), as well as the intriguing pattern on the dial; I just wouldn’t call this an impulse buy.  If you are a fan of Swedish design and/or intricate wood flooring patterns, this could very well be the watch for you.

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Last Update: November 27, 2012