It’s a new month, to be sure, but we’ll be looking back over the last (and into last month) to bring you some interesting articles I ran across, as well as what you’ve been reading on these pages.

Top-10-Technically-Important-Watches (1)

First up, we’ve got a really great overview article on electric watches.  While I know that this category has confused me a bit in the past (due to the terminology), this post over at aBlogtoWatch really clarifies things, showing them to be defined as a sort of bridge between the mechanical watch era and the true, full-quartz, era.  There are definitely some interesting models in this segment, and Matt Boston runs down the top ten.  source


Next up, over at Hodinkee, they’ve showcased something I’ve never seen before – a lumed date display.  Frankly, I’m surprised we haven’t seen this in the past (and if you know of other examples, let us know!) as it makes for a great bit of visual flair, for sure.  If you want to read some more about this intriguing A. Lange & Söhne model, head on over to the source.

scaled.Slash and Breitling

Next up from our own pages, we’ve got a recent review. But first, there was a surprising amount of interest in a post John put up last year that, while primarily about guitar players, showcased a picture of Slash wearing a Breitling.  Tenuous associations to horology aside, this could be an interesting book for all you guitar players.

Berkbinder-Brown-T46-V2-Titanium (4)

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got our review of the Berkbinder & Brown T46 V2.   When we first saw the watch, we had it in bronze.  This time around, we had a much lighter watch to try out, as it was made of titanium.  Have no fear, bronze is still available (as is steel).  Perhaps I’ve got a little hometown pride here (these watches are made outside of Chicago), but I’ve had fun watching these pieces, and the brand, come along.  Take a look at this latest review, and keep an eye out, as we plan to bring you more news as new models are introduced.

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