It”s time once again for a quick look at some interesting articles I”ve found lately, as well as a look at what”s been popular on our own pages.


First up, we”ve got an article that I”ve had sitting in my collection of items for this wrapup for awhile, but I think it”s still worthwhile.  Over at GearPatrol, they had the opportunity to do a hands-on review of the Michelsen Arctic Explorer (you can see what we had to say about the watch here).  The review only reinforces my favorable take on the watch, and there”s some amazing photography in the article courtesy of @gishani.  source


Next up we have another older article (yup, I”m still catching up from my vacation) about one of the biggest reintroductions to American shores this year – Tudor.  Over at Hodinkee, they spent some time (a week, precisely) with the new Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue.  Since this is definitely a retro heritage piece, Ben Clymer goes into the source material, and provides an enlightening review as always.  source


Now, we”ll turn to our own pages.  From the last week, you really liked our Online casino US coverage of the high-beat rate video I ran across (which features Seiko watches in all variety of beat rates).  I think it”s a great video, and really gives you an appreciation for what the different frequencies can sound like (as most of us probably only have a few different ones in our watch boxes).  source


Last, but certainly not least, we have our most recent installment of the Historical Horology series that gave us another dose of knowledge covering the Valjoux 7750.  Want to learn why the 7750 wasn”t originally intended to have a column wheel in it?  Then this is an article you should definitely check out.  source


Last but not least, I wanted to bring you some news of a new brand that”s starting up over in the UK, Areion Watches.  As it stands right now, there are three pieces (basically, color variations) of their first model, a quartz chrono driven by the Miyota OS20 movement.  As they”re just starting out, feel free to let them (or us) know what you think of the watch.  We”re awaiting a review sample, but if you purchase one, please let me know your hands-on thoughts.

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And now, for a few “programming” notes.  If you have any suggestions for something you”ve found of interest that you”d like to see us cover, feel free to send me an email.  Also, if you find yourself with some spare time and have some graphics chops, feel free to whip up a new image to lead off our “Watching The Web” series.  If you come up with something we use, we”ll have a nice reward sent your way.

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