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So, remember when we brought you word of Xetum’s newest model (well, it was a teaser, to be sure).  Well, today is the big day – the newest member of the Tyndall family is now available.

When we had the teaser post back last month, the only details I had about it were the PVD case (which isn’t currently available in their production models).  Not only do you get that finish, Xetum has also put a carbon fiber dial into the mix.

Now, if you’ve read my stuff here for any amount of time, you know that I like the visual effect you get with a CF dial.  Not just the texture of the weave, but the fact that numerals and indices appear to float a bit, due to the clear coating over the CF.  It’s a neat visual effect, in a few different ways.

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From what I’m told, Xetum’s last LE model (back in 2011) sold out very quickly.  And given how popular their designs are, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one (limited to 300 pieces), move briskly, even with the $300 premium bringing the price up to $1,699.

In terms of tech specs, this model remains unchanged from their others in the lineup; you can read out take on it here.  Xetum produces some solid and cleanly styled watches, and their new Tyndall makes for some stealthy design changes – ones that keep the clean lines in place.

For more information on the watch this page; you can also get your order in right there.  Or, if you’re forutnate enough to live in San Francisco, you can head over to Watch Station and pick yours up in person.  xetum.com

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