You remember Berd Vay’e, right? We wrote about them before, with the use of resins (and the like) along with reclaimed watch parts to create interesting objects with ties to the world of horology. Well, they’re back with a new creation, the Berd Vay’e Hallucination.

Why call it a hallucination? Well, rather than the sculpture taking the shape of the object being represented (and then filled with gears), here, we’ve got a solid block. Inside that block, that’s where the magic happens. The 1,000 to 1,500 gears, cogs, and other parts are arranged in a way to form the shape – in this case, a skull – inside the block.

For this new creation, 999 pieces will be created. If you want to pick one up, make sure you’ve got room on your shelf for a 9.5″ cube, and have $6,900 in the bank account to cover your new showpiece. And, I’m guessing, a few more bucks to come up with clever lighting for the piece.

ByPatrick Kansa

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