So, do you remember our giveaway of the Ziiiro Mecury Purple? At the time we had the piece in, it was a fairly limited release. As it turns out, purple gained a lot of attention, so Ziiiro has released some more models with a violet hue.


There are two different models in the mix now, the Celeste Chrome Purple, and the Proton Black Purple. While I don’t expect any significant changes to the models from what we’ve reviewed (just click on the model names to be taken to our reviews), the purple scheme is a nice change.


It allows the watches to take on a slightly darker tone, while still maintaining legibility. And, as with the Mercury, I think that the watches in general, and this hue in particular, will work well for either gender. And with Ziiiro watches, you get watches that are a bit of a break from the norm. I think of them as a sort of analog equivalent to the LED-driven displays that TokyoFlash puts out – and this is a good thing.


While Ziiiro pricing isn’t going make these an impulse buy, they are still fairly affordable watches, considering the unique time displays you’re getting from their lineup. And of course, should you not care for this new purple lineup, they do still have plenty of other color options to suite your particular tastes. ziiiro.com

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Last Update: September 13, 2013

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