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Smartwatches including basic fitness tracking (ie, steps taken) abilities these days are not much of a surprise. Then again, I would argue that many people simple do not have a need (or would truly make use of) a smartwatch. To that end, something like the just-announced Fitbit Blaze – a fitness tracker with some additional connected smarts – may be a better fit for some.


I see a lot of super slim, minimalist, three hand, Bauhaus inspired watches, many of them for well below $200. Heck, you can’t swing a metaphorical cat around Kickstarter without running into one of these projects. But those are generally quartz watches, sold by a someone just getting into the watch-making business. The GT&FQ Rider M005, on the other hand, is an automatic being sold by an established retailer who is building their in-house brand.


Given how popular our article on the Oulm Watches was, this latest release from moVas seems like it should be right in the wheelhouse of a great many of our readers. While the moVas Exotica Twin Timer shares some looks with those Oulm watches, this is a watch that looks to be built to a much higher spec. This is the first watch the brand has released in the Exotica line, and looks to be their foray into more experimental, or “out there”, designs.


Welcome to 2016, and thanks for taking the time out of your New Year’s Weekend to visit the first 2016 installment of our Saturday feature, Watching the Web. Here, we identify reviews and watch related posts on other sites that we think are of interest, and we point you to our most popular recent articles. From the larger blog-o-sphere, I will point you to a couple of different year in review posts at Worn & Wound, Hodinkee, and Total Watch. From our site, we have Patrick’s top 5 watches from 2015 and review of the Haldor Abissi and the Laco Spirit of St. Louis.


The folks over at Barrington Watch Winders were nice enough to let me check out their single watch winder, which I really liked, and now (after a few months of storage, not use unfortunately), it is up for grabs to one of our lucky readers. The full review went up last September, but the shorthand version of the review is that this is a nice product.