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Welcome to Watch Video Rewind, our weekly look at watch related videos we track down from various corners of the Internet (mainly YouTube, but still…).  With this being the first weekend of the new year, I thought I would take one last look back at 2015 and some of the most interesting watches of the year.

The first video is from, and is their compilation of the top 5 Watchmaking Beasts of the year.  No, these are not the largest watches you can wear, they are the most complicated, interesting or innovative watches that were introduced in 2015.

Their year end series includes 4 segments, but I will add in the Top 5 Playful watches in addition to the beasts above.  Again, these are technically amazing watches, but with a more playful spirit driving the innovation.

Finally, Hodinekee put together a highlight reel from their favorite video moments from 2015.  The site does a lot of interviews, highlights some very cool watches, and visits the most important trade shows, so the year in review video has a lot of interesting moments.

That’s it for this week’s watch video rewind.  If you stumble across any interesting watch (or time) related videos out there, drop us a line. If we end up using in the watch video rewind from your suggestion, we’ll be sure to tip our hats (electronically, if not literally) in your general direction.

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