Given how popular our article on the Oulm Watches was, this latest release from moVas seems like it should be right in the wheelhouse of a great many of our readers. While the moVas Exotica Twin Timer shares some looks with those Oulm watches, this is a watch that looks to be built to a much higher spec. This is the first watch the brand has released in the Exotica line, and looks to be their foray into more experimental, or “out there”, designs.


As you can surmise from the name of the name of the moVas Exotica Twin Timer, this is indeed a dual time watch. The GMT is read on the largest register (on the left side of the case) while the home time is read on the right-hand side of the case, over at the 3 o’clock position. Rounding out the displays you have a power reserve up top (at what would be the 12 o’clock position) and a large date display down at the bottom. While this is certainly not an unheard-of set of complications, it is indeed set in quite an interesting layout.


The foundation of the layout of the moVas Exotica Twin Timer is, of course, its case. Here, it is made of grade 2 titanium. This means that, not only will the 48mm case be tough, it should not be overly heavy on the wrist. Given the amount of space they had to work with here, it is not surprising that moVas went with a triple-finishing (shot-peening, brushing, and polishing) on the surfaces of the case. It certainly helps make quite a statement, that is for sure. As if the moVas Exotica Twin Timer was not quite eye-catching enough, they also paired a red lizard skin strap to the watch (a black nitrile strap is also included). This brings some additional color to the mix, and further underscores the exotic nature of the piece.


Somewhat less exotic, perhaps, is the movement used in the moVas Exotica Twin Timer. Then again, perhaps not. How many of you have watches with a Seagull 2563 movement in them? Taking things up a bit from the stock configuration, moVas has a customized rotor and perlage as well. For me, I am curious about the movement. I mean, it makes sense that a company called Movements of Asia (aka moVas) would use a Chinese movement. And from everything I have seen and read, Seagull (along with the whole of the Chinese watch industry) have really been turning out some quite nice work. So, my curiosity is not so much of the “why did they pick that” sort; rather, it is the curiosity around how the movement is in day-to-day usage, and what it’s long-term life and maintenance prospects are.


That, I think, is the word I would use to describe the moVas Exotica Twin Timer – curiosity. In that it inspires curiosity, and will definitely draw some interested (and dare I say curious) stares. Given that only 25 of these are being made, running across one in the wild is going to be a rare proposition indeed. If you want to ensure you get to see it, you will need $2,090 to be able to add this one to your collection. As far as these exploratory works go, I think it is a good sign that moVas is branching out and trying new things, and I am definitely of a mind to look forward to what may come next for the Exotica line.


Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: moVas Exotica Twin Timer
  • Price: $2,090
  • Who we think it might be for: You’re looking for something a bit more avant garde
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?: If price were no object for me, sure, this could be a fun one to have in the watch box
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Reducing the width of the bezels on the power reserve and date displays could help visually lighten the watch a bit
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: The overall look and feel

Tech Specs from moVas

  • Case: Grade 2 titanium with multi- finishing (tri-toned), shot peened, brushed and polished. Case is 48mm across excluding crown guard, 50mm with crown guard. 48mm lug hole- lug hole. 15mm height to top of bezel low bezel/ 17mm height to top of tallest bezel.
  • Caseback: Exhibition caseback in Grade 2 titanium and 2mm thick colourless sapphire with deep etching. Numbered 01-25. 8 circular recessed holes.
  • Crown/ Pusher: 3H big crown to set time and GMT. First click to set current time (clockwise) and GMT (anti-clockwise). 4H brushed pusher to set jumping big-date.
  • Glass: 2-3mm thick domed american sourced scratch resistant colourless sapphire. Single Anti Reflective coating applied internally. 2mm thick flat American-sourced scratch resistant colourless sapphire for caseback.
  • Movement: Produced by Tianjin Seagull Watch Co. Ltd. Caliber 2563. 36 Jewels, beating at 21600bpm, 45H Power Reserve. Customised skeleton rotor in black PVD and signed. Main plates perlaged. Antishock protection system on balance wheel. Hackable.
  • Dial: Embossed circular graining on sub-dials and cutouts for big date in matt black, with white printing.
  • Hands: Painted and printed brass circular plates for minute markers OR Brass hands plated silver and brushed with C3 Superluminova lume.
  • Strap/ Bracelet: Deep red lizard skin customised strap with matching red stitching. Also included is a tapering double sided nitrite rubber black strap. Watch accepts 24mm wide straps.
  • Buckle: moVas super deployment buckle in brushed/ polish finish.
  • Water Resistance: 10atm.
  • Power Reserve: 45 hours, fully wound.
  • Warranty: 2 year.

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