We just received word the other day from our pals over at Lew & Huey about a handful of updates, so we thought we’d share the news out here as well, as it is likely of interest to our readers.  This roundup contains information on the Lew & Huey Phantom pre-order, a handful of replacement dials, and some new strap options.


First off, we’ll start with the new of their latest model, the Lew & Huey Phantom.  This is a tidy aviator-style watch that will be available in three different dial configurations, and comes in at a very affordable $375.  They had originally intended to deliver by the end of October.  However, due to some delays in prototyping (you can get more details here), mid- to late-November is the more realistic timeframe.  The good news here (aside from the extended pre-order period) is that the watch will be getting an upgrade to a mil-spec strap from Ague Trading.  While you’re figuring out what dial to get, you can check out our take on the watch right here.


Next up, there is word on new black dials for both the Orthos ($35) and Cerberus ($55).  This is part of their new project to offer factory modification to their existing watches, and I think it’s an interesting way of extending the services (and lineup).


Last, but certainly not least, they have added an array of natural rubber straps to their accessory shop.  Regardless of the color (there are six colors), they come in at a 22mm width and cost $40.  They also feature the classic vanilla scent, and promise to pick up much less lint than a silicone strap.


All told, while the shipment delay on the Phantom was probably not the best of news for those who already ordered, it is good news for those who had not jumped in yet.  And the rest of the news all seems on the upside as well.  If you want the full rundown on these, you can check out the brand’s post on it right here.  lewandhuey.com

Last Update: July 30, 2015