As of late, we have expanded our coverage into the world of mens style.  In the past, we have also had a fair number of articles touching on what is commonly known as Every Day Carry (aka EDC).  Well, today, we have a few items in from Boconi that manage to combine both men’s style and EDC.  On with the show!

Over the past year, I have explored a handful of different wallets.  If you recall in my own EDC pocket dump post I was carrying a wallet that allowed me to easily have a pen and notebook handy.  As it turns out, the notebook was not super-robust (well, it’s cover), and I did not use the pen as much as I thought I would.  So, I have explored a few different front pocket options, and my daily carry is now something I picked up off of a Kickstarter.

In terms of basic dimensions, the $50 Boconi Tyler Tumbled Slim Card Case has similar dimensions to my normal wallet – big enough to carry some cards and like, and not much more.  This is a perfect way to restrain what you’re hauling around, and keeps things slim enough to not bog down your front pocket.  So, I loaded up the Boconi wallet with the various cards such that I normally carry, and used it for a bit.

What I found is that, yes, the Boconi Tyler Tumbled Slim Card Case works well.  As compared to my normal wallet, it was a touch thicker (due to a slightly heavier leather), and also did not have a spot for me to tuck cash (my normal wallet has an integrated money clip), so I was carrying a separate money clip.  Not the end of the world, but I was always making sure to be careful that when I pulled the wallet out, the money clip stayed in my pocket.

For those of you who use contactless credit cards (or perhaps store your work ID badge in your wallet) you will want to be aware of another feature that the Boconi Tyler Tumbled Slim Card Case has built in – RFID blocking.  This generally takes the form of a small sheet sewn into whatever it doing the blocking, and prevents the RFID chip from being read remotely.  Handy if you are concerned about your cards being “skimmed”, but not so handy if you are used to your badge being there and just bumping your hip against the card reader.  Not an issue for me, but it is something worth mentioning.

Now, if you find yourself as more of an international traveler, Boconi does have you covered.  Also in their Tyler line of products, they have the $60 Boconi Tyler Tumbled Passport Case.  Unlike some other passport cases that I have had (both RFID blocking and not), this one actually can function as a travel wallet.  On the inside, you have spots for four cards, and of course the ability to tuck away one (or two, if you like) passports – again, with the RFID shielding, which is perhaps more of a concern for overseas travel.

On the back side of the Boconi Tyler Tumbled Passport Case, you also have a deeper pocket that could easily have a boarding pass slipped into (again, handy keeping all of those travel documents in one place); once you get to your destination, I imagine you could tuck a variety of things in there.  Unfortunately, this came in just after I had a trip to Canada, so I did not get to put it into a normal use case.  I suppose you could use it as a regular wallet as well, and tuck a notebook in there (rather than a passport).

So long as you don’t have unreasonably short pockets, carrying the Boconi Tyler Tumbled Passport Case up front would not be an issue.  Then again, for our men’s style readers, this would slip quite easily into the inside pocket of a sport coat, which is probably the better home for a wallet/case of this size.

In terms of the overall construction, these felt well built (though the lining of the passport case has an odd, almost Tyvek-like feel to it) and I did not notice any loose threads or loose leather; only time and use will tell how these would hold up.  I initially was not a fan of the tumbled leather look, but I suppose that would hide some of the wear and tear a regular, smooth-faced, wallet might otherwise pick up.  I know that is very much a personal preference, though, so you can figure out if that is for you.

This was our first foray into the Boconi catalog, and I do like what I see.  Both of the wallets certainly have utility, and can easily be put to an EDC usage, whether your travels are around town, or around the globe.  Talking about items like these also make sense from a men’s style perspective, if you think about it – our watches are details, and what we have in our pockets are (hidden) details all the same.  With the goal of continuing this sort of coverage, do let us know below (or in an email) what other sorts of leather goods and men’s accessories you might want to take a look at, either from Boconi or from your own favorite brand.

Product Specs from Boconi
  • Tyler Tumbled Slim Card Case ($50)
    • RFID Protected
    • Rugged yet sophisticated italian milano-style grained calfskin
    • European rounded edges…corners will not “dog-ear”
    • Two credit card pockets
    • Outside receipt pocket…great for a traveler’s hotel key card
    • BOCONI’s signature “plaid about you” stamping
    • Available in black & coffee
  • Tyler Tumbled Passport Case ($60)
  • RFID protected
  • Rugged yet sophisticated italian milano-style grained calfskin
  • European rounded edges…corners will not “dog-ear”
  • No outside touristy “passport” stamp for privacy
  • Four travel / credit card pockets
  • One stash pocket
  • Leather flap-panel secures multiple passports or allows single passport binding
  • Outside access pocket for boarding pass
  • BOCONI’s signature “plaid about you” calfskin-lined interiors in green plaid
  • BOCONI’s signature “plaid about you” stamping – also available in mahogany w/ plaid & coffee w/ plaid

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Last Update: December 12, 2016