Last month, we brought you word of the latest Q Timex release that featured my favorite complication, a GMT hand (you can read about that here). As fortune would have it, we’ve been able to spend some time with this release, so we’ve got a hands-on review of the newest Q Timex GMT.

If you’re a fan of the Q releases so far, you’re going to be on board for this one. We’ve got the same lug-less case design that we’ve seen on the 1978-inspired Q Timex pieces. This then leads to the thin case, which shows a “landed UFO” look when viewed on teh side, as you see the bezel and crystal bubbling up from the case itself. Flip it over, and you’ve got the easily-accessible battery port for changing the button cell out once it runs down. Even the dial is much the same, with the same handset and indices.

Where the Q Timex GMT starts to differentiate itself is of course with the inclusion of the GMT hand, done up in a classic read and triangular tip. This is paired with the new bezel insert that has the 24-hour scale, rather than a timing bezel. The other noticeable change is that, while the prior non-GMT version had day and date, here we’ve got just a date window.

This particular Q Timex GMT also came in a finish we’ve not seen yet in the broader Q lineup. This is – frankly – how to do a “stealthed-out” finish. Black dial, black bezel, black strap, and a dark argent finish on the case. The dial itself still remains legible, as the white luminous paint has not been darkened. In other words, the watch retains it’s ability to, you know, be used as a watch.

As with the prior Q models we’ve reviewed, the Q Timex GMT is very, very comfortable on the wrist. The 38mm case should fit a variety of wrists, and it’s quite light as well, no doubt helped along by the quartz movement inside. Our loaner came on a silicone strap which was nice enough, but we’d recommend opting for the bracelet. Or if you like the strap, poke around and find a nice leather 18mm strap to swap in there, and you should be quite pleased.

Frankly, the entirety of the Q Timex lineup seems to punch above their class (as do the mechanical movement M-series watches), so it’s hard to say they wouldn’t make a great watch for anyone. If you’ve got someone who’s going to be doing some traveling, opting for this version is only a $20 premium over the non-GMT versions, so not a big jump. On the strap, the Q Timex GMT is $199, while opting for the bracelet takes things to $219. If you’re not a fan of this darker variant, there’s also one with the classic Pepsi bezel as well.

Tech Specs from Timex

  • GMT Feature
  • Date Feature
  • Swiss Movement
  • Stainless-Steel Bracelet
  • Synthetic Rubber Strap
  • Domed Acrylic Crystal
  • Rotating Top Ring
  • Luminant Hands
  • Case back with Battery Hatch
  • 50m Water Resistant
  • 38mm Case, 18mm Lug
  • SRP: $199 (strap); $219 (bracelet)

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  1. I cannot find any replacement band in leather or rubber that fits. With 18 mm space for spring bars but 20 mm broad and tapered.

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