Sometimes, you just want a clean, simple, three-hander watch. Sometimes, you want something that’s a big bold splash of color. Well, how do you get that peanut butter and chocolate together? Well, in the watch world, a variety of ways. Most recently, the Projects Watches Witherspoon Rouge gets the job done.

To start with, the Projects Watches Witherspoon Rouge has a 40mm case that is under 9mm thick, and is paired (via the faux wire lugs) to a 20mm strap. Where this particular watch sings – for me – is in the color. Obviously, the Rouge part of the name refers to that almost-pastel red dial, and it’s paired to a brighter royal blue strap that is just a classic look, and of course will be ready for your Independence Day celebrations.

For those design-minded folks, it probably helps that this is a continuation of a design done by Michael Graves (you can see the prior versions here) and literally carries his signature on the dial.

Coming in at a reasonable $149, I think the Projects Watches Witherspoon Rouge is a great way to get a splash of color on your wrist to combat the winter-time grey, as well as carry right on into spring and summer. Sure, it’s “just” a quartz three-hander, but there’s no denying that dial design.

Tech Specs from Project Watches

WEIGHT.5 lbs
DIMENSIONS9 ? 3 ? .5 in
DIAMETER40mm (1.57”)
MATERIALBrushed Stainless Steel
MOVEMENTJapanese Quartz

ByPatrick Kansa

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