So, yesterday’s article was a fairly tame take on the various designs coming out of Projects Watches. What if you said, you know, that’s great, but you want something that’s minimalist and abstract all at once, and maybe with an option for a blast of color? Well, friend, the Projects Watches Bauhaus is what you’re looking for.

The Bauhaus “school” of design thought focused in on the geometric shapes underlying things, much like the Cubist artists of the era were doing. So, it makes sense that, in this design, Dennis Guidone is substituting cubes for the normal handset we’re used to. Here, the smallest are the seconds, the next biggest is the hours, and the largest is the minutes.

That then begs the question – how are you to tell time with the Projects Watches Bauhaus? Fortunately, those cubes are mounted to the central pinion on a corner, which means you’ve got the opposite corner indicating where on the dial things are. There are no indices on the dial itself, so you’re approximating the time readout, but I’m guessing you’d quickly get the knack of it.

For this release, there are two versions of the Projects Watches Bauhaus being offered – one all in black (shades-of-black cubes, black case finish, black strap) or a more colorful option (primary colors on the cubes, steel finish case, light brown strap) depending on where you fall with your personal tastes. Whichever option, you’ll be putting $145 down to put this quartz-driven art piece on your wrist.

Tech Specs from Projects Watches

WEIGHT.5 lbs
DIMENSIONS11 ? 1.5 ? .5 in
DIAMETER40mm (1.57”)
MATERIALBrass Color IP Stainless Steel
MOVEMENTJapanese Quartz
THICKNESS8.85mm (0.35″)