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Projects Watches

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There are a number of ways to set yourself apart as a brand. You can have a signature, unique style, you can have an iconic model, you can create intricate complication… Projects Watches does things a little differently, partnering with various designers to create visually interesting styles at a mass market price point. One of their latest offerings is the Projects Watches Outside Watch, a quartz watch that distinguishes the hour and minute hand, not by length, but by width


Projects Watches is an interesting brand, putting out low cost quartz watches driven not be fashion, but by design aesthetic. We have covered them on our pages before, and recently they reached out to us for a new watch they are debuting, the Projects Watches Twirl. The brand’s tag line for the watch is “a new interpretation of time,” but I see it more as a unique but still readable variation on the standard 2-hander.